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The Sweet Lychee & Rose tea is categorized amongst the black tea from Thailand grown in the North of Thailand in Chiang Mai. The attractive Lychee scent of this tea is produced by the natural oil from Lychee tropical fruit, which is one of the famous fruits of Southern China. The tea was used in China in ancient times, as a favourite of the Chinese nobles. It also contains rosebuds and gold sugar balls. Sweet Lychee & Rose Tea in 50 gm Box.

There is a traditional belief that lychee tea can be a remedy for coughs and colds as the tea is rich in Vitamin C, which may help bolster the body’s immunity system. For a refreshing cold drink add ice cubes, the blend of lychee and rose makes a light, sweet and flowery drink.

Purchase along with the stainless-steel infuser for a better tea making experience.

Instructions on how to prepare the tea are printed on the packaging. If you want to have iced lychee tea, add some ice cubes and a dash of lemon juice for a refreshing drink.

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Sweet Lychee & Rose Tea