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Strawberry tea owing to its pleasant flavour and recognised health benefits has gained popularity as a refreshing health drink, a sweet and fruity herbal infusion that's prepared from the dried leaves as well as fruits of the plant. This tea blend is produced and grown in the North of Thailand in Chiang Mai. Strawberry Fruit Tea 50gm in White Foil Sachet. There is evidence to suggest strong antioxidant activities of wild strawberry leaves to destroy free radicals, for a healthy immune system which results in glowing skin.

The tea has a rich colour and a pleasant aroma and a sweet and sour taste. In the composition, there is no tea leaf and therefore this blend can be used as an additive to black or green tea. Purchase along with the stainless steel infuser for a better tea making experience.

Instructions on how to prepare the tea are printed on the packaging.

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Herbal Tea Blend no caffeine tea Strawberry Fruit Tea Tea from Thailand Tea Infuser
Strawberry Fruit Tea