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From the selection of our best English Lavender Products, body lotion & body wash.

Hand Wash Honeysuckle to gently cleanse your hands with the classic scent of the English Garden. Breathe deeply to enjoy the calming and uplifting fragrance of wild plants and the distinctive scent of honeysuckle, with its rich fragrance indigenous to the UK. All Cotswold products are vegan and environmentally friendly, made without additives. Nicely packaged in a 200ml bottle. Afterwards, apply our Honeysuckle scented hand cream to provide a firm moisturizer to your hands and enjoy the rich and fresh fragrance.

Select a few items to send as a gift in a Silk Satin Drawstring Gift Bag or a designer gift box. Spoil your friends with the calming and uplifting fragrance of flower extracts indigenous to the UK.

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Bath Honeysuckle Skincare
Hand Wash Honeysuckle