Tea Treats by Sophia Essentials


This herbal tea blend from Thailand grown in the North of Thailand in Chiang Mai is basically a medicinal tea blend. A natural refreshing herbal blend based on mint and chamomile, they combine to form not only the refreshing taste of mint but enhanced with the relaxation properties of chamomile. This blend is not only healthy but also tasty with a lovely scent. The taste is incredibly soft with a pleasant cooling effect. All of our teas are caffeine-free blends of the herbs grown in the North of Thailand. They are dried and the herbs are harvested here in the North of Thailand then prepared and packaged.  The contents of the tea box are 30gm in loose tea leaves. Purchase along with the stainless-steel infuser for a better tea making experience.

 Instructions on how to prepare the tea are printed on the packaging.

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Herbal Tea Blend - mint and chamomile