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This original brand of hair serum from Thailand is specially designed to stimulate and maintain healthy hair. The Thai manufacturer KEING PURE is one of Thailand's most well-respected and well-known hair tonic brands. The hair serum comprises 100% natural ginger extract from fresh ginger roots, which helps nourish any dry scalp. Moreover, ginger extract can increase hair moisture retention giving your hair a naturally silky smooth shine when used regularly. Ingredients: 100% fragrance-free Ginger Extract in 120ml size spray.

Note: Ingredients: 100% Ginger Extract. It can be sold in single 120ml bottles for HK$48 or boxes of 48 x 120ml sizes for HK$1,800, equal to HK$37.5 each.

Direction: Spray all over your wet or dry hair and gently massage the serum into the scalp. May use as often as needed after shampoo. We have many success stories from customers that have reportedly experienced new hair growth and reversed hair loss after using the serum for several weeks. Suitable for women and men. You might also be interested in our Lavender essential oil: Studies were done at the University of Maryland of individuals who massaged their scalp daily using Lavender essential oil over a period of 7 months.  There was a significant amount of hair regrowth among those using the Lavender essential oil. That's right; Lavender oil apparently will help to stimulate hair growth.

Note: This product is supported with a Test Report, which is available on request, issued by the Thailand Bureau of Cosmetics Substances, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health.

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Hair Tonic - Serum Spray
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