Gift Sets by Sophia Essentials


Spoil your friends with the calming and uplifting fragrance of flower extracts indigenous to the UK, namely, Wildflower. Contents of the Gift Set:

  1. Wildflower body lotion contains sweet almond and macadamia oils which help hydrate the skin. 200ml bottle at HK$68.00.
  2. A cleansing hand wash with the refreshing scent of English wildflower. A 200ml bottle at HK$68.00.
  3. An enriching blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, macadamia oils and sweet almond oil with the hint of English wildflower meadows. 75g tube to fit in a handbag at HK$75.00
  4. The calming scent of English wildflower meadows foam bath, 200ml bottle at HK68.00
  5. Cleanse and soothe with the uplifting scent of English wildflower meadows body wash in a 200ml bottle at HK$68.00.
  6. The finest lavender grains gently collected and air-dried. Use for potpourri, lavender bags and pillows. Available in 700ml, which is about 100g at HK$48.0.
  7. Total Cost HK$395.00 includes a gift card and free delivery within Hong Kong.
Qty available: 10
Bath body lotion Gift Set hand cream lotion Skincare Wild Flower
Gift Set - Wildflower