Hair Care by Sophia Essentials


These lavender products will strengthen your hair and enhance growth. Try this pre-selected gift set, the items will be packed inside a Sophia Essentials designer box with a gift card. The hair serum comprises 100% natural ginger extract from fresh ginger roots, which helps nourish any dry scalp. Moreover, ginger extract can increase hair moisture retention giving your hair a naturally silky smooth shine when used regularly. Contents of the Gift Box:
  1. Hair Spray Serum 2 x120ml @ HK$116.00
  2. Lavender Conditioner in 2 x 200ml bottle @ HK$196.00
  3. Lavender Shampoo in 2 x 200ml bottle @ HK$196.00

Total: HK$508.00 Includes free Gift box & free delivery in Hong Kong.

Qty available: 10
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Gift set - Natural Haircare