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 50gm of Lavender and 50gm of chamomile tea has a rich aroma and a pleasant, relaxing effect. The tea set is packed in a designer box packed in blue satin and wrapped in a red ribbon. Chamomile and lavender tea is caffeine-free and tastes delicious. Lavender is delicate and lightly sweet; when two calming herbs combine, the result can only be a relaxing, well-balanced cup of tea. Today, chamomile is still one of the most popular tea in the world. The sedative effect of both herbs may be just enough to make you feel relaxed in a stressed situation. Instructions on how to prepare the tea are printed on the packaging.

 Comes with a stainless steel Strainer/Tea Infuser with a long Push Handle and a gift card.

Qty available: 3
gift Gift Set hand cream no caffeine tea Tea from Thailand tea store
Gift Set - Chamomile & Lavender