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Enjoy the calming and uplifting fragrance of English Lavender & Geranium flower extracts indigenous to the UK. Refresh your body with the distinctive scent of lavender, a favourite from the English Gardens. A deep body wash is all about hydration and moisture and this English Lavender & Geranium body wash will leave your skin feeling soft, smoother, and fresh.  While the scent will relax you for a youthful feel with your skin well-nourished, healthy and deeply moisturized. Natural body wash made with 100% natural fragrance & essential oils so use this body wash for dry or sensitive skin, comes in a 200ml bottle.

The body wash is part of the collection of the best English Lavender Products, that are vegan and environmentally friendly, made without additives.

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Bath body lotion Chamomile & Lavender Geranium Gift Set Lavender Skincare
Body Wash Lavender & Geranium