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Contents of the Gift Box:

  1. Hand Cream Honeysuckle 75g Tube @HK$75.00
  2. Body Lotion Wildflower 200ml @HK$68.00
  3. Strawberry Fruit Tea 50gm @HK$68.00
  4. Dried Lavender Grains 100gm @HK$48.00
  5. Lavender Hand cream Pump Dispenser 200 gm @HK$115
  6. Lavender Foaming Bath Soak 200ml @ HK$68.00
  7. Lavender Daily Moisturiser 60 gm in glass Jar @ HK$75.00
  8. Body Wash Wildflower 200ml @ HK$68.00
  9. Lavender Massage Oil 60ml @ HK$60.00

Total: HK$628.00 Includes a free gift box, gift card and free delivery in Hong Kong.

Qty available: 6
Gift set - Tea & Lavender